Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine's Texas Tuesday

Greetings this Texas Tuesday! I know we're all anticipating the "deep freeze" that's coming our way. I'm certainly not looking forward to it. As far as I'm concerned, if it's gonna snow I hope it's enough to shut down the county! I hate driving in icy weather and I'd just as soon not use my lovely vacation leave for ice days! Anyway, if it happens, I'd rather be at home doing something crafty. I'll get off my soapbox now. On to the purpose of this post.

I know we were supposed to do Valentine-themed cards this time, but I just couldn't resist this departure from that theme. My DH recently had knee surgery after a mishap on the Sunday after Christmas. Our PCP referred us to the same orthopedic surgeon who repaired DH's ankle about 15 years ago.  This man is a super doctor and a super person.  He's devoted countless hours caring for some of our local high school athletes, and he's an avid UT fan. And to top that off, he always wears cowboy boots.  Not just boots - no, they are georgeous ostrich leather boots.  Even in the OR!  I can't say whether they have those blue booties to fit over the cowboy boots or not because I didn't get to observe the surgery, but he sure had the boots on prior to that.  The DH goes back this Friday for a follow up appointment and I thought it might be nice to do a thank you card for the doc.  So that's my project this week. 

I found some really cool tan-ish lizard looking paper at Joann's last week.  It's almost the same color as the doctor's boots.  I used the same Ellison boot die to cut this one that I used for a previous post.  I mounted it on a burnt orange cards base.  The "thanks" is also a die by Sizzix.  The picture makes it look like I snuck in some Aggie maroon paper for the "thanks" but it's really a dark brown.  It was a bit plain looking, so I cut a shadow piece out of white cardstock to mount behind it and used my trusty Signo white gel pen to do faux stitching to make it pop a bit more.  Hope you enjoy seeing it.  Stay warm and if it ices, stay safe!


  1. Omg, this is awesome. I love this card. That's pretty cool that the doc is so stylish in his boots. :)

  2. I love this! How awesome that the doc wears such cool boots and your card matches just perfectly!!

  3. I love how your card came out! The boot is perfect! The doc is gonna love your card! Good job!