Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ready for Rain, Ready for Fall

Today marks the 63rd day of 100+ temperatures this summer. Believe it or not, it's not the record. Only good enough for 3rd place so far, but we may set a new record yet. There were 66 100+ days in 1923, and 69 days in 1925. We did set a record for high temp on this day - 105 degrees in the greater Austin area. As you can see by the pix, we weren't far behind here at home. This is from the indoor/outdoor thermometer in our garage.
An interesting weather fact - there are 32 million acres in Texas that are considered in "exceptional" drought right now. That's more land in Connecticut, New Jersey, Hawaii, Delaware, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont combined! Needless to say, we are ready for cooler temperatures and lots of rain.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Amuse Lounge Challenge #7

The new "doctor girl" stamp is one of my faves from the new AMuse release, and she made a "house call" at my door at just the right time. The 11-year-old daughter of one of my coworkers was in an auto accident last weekend and shattered a cervical vertebra. With the medical miracles these days, she underwent surgery and is expected to make a full recovery but she has a long rehab period ahead of her. Our office staff is pitching in and getting some crafty goodies for her to play with while she heals. I did one card for the office to sign and this one to send her separately.