Sunday, August 9, 2009

Amuse Lounge Challenge #7

The new "doctor girl" stamp is one of my faves from the new AMuse release, and she made a "house call" at my door at just the right time. The 11-year-old daughter of one of my coworkers was in an auto accident last weekend and shattered a cervical vertebra. With the medical miracles these days, she underwent surgery and is expected to make a full recovery but she has a long rehab period ahead of her. Our office staff is pitching in and getting some crafty goodies for her to play with while she heals. I did one card for the office to sign and this one to send her separately.


  1. This is SO cute! I love the colors you used! Thanks so much for playing along with the Lounge challenge! :)

  2. So cute Karen! I love your colors! Nice job!

  3. great the colours and the sentiment attached with the ribbon!